Josephine's Professional Staffing, Inc.

Job Categories

On-going Employment Needs

Administrative/Clerical Administrative Assistant; Benefits Administrator; Court Reporter; Customer Service; Data Entry Operator I, II; Desktop Publisher; Dispatcher Motor Vehicle; Document Preparation Clerk; Duplicating Machine Operator; General Clerk I, II, III; Housing Referral Assistant; Human Resources Personnel; Mail Room Personnel; Order Clerk I, II; Personnel Assistant (Employment) I, II; Production Control Clerk; Purchasing; Receptionist; Rental Clerk; Scheduler; Secretary I, II, III; Service Order Dispatcher; Supply Technician; Survey Worker (Interviewer); Telemarketer; Travel Clerk I, II, III; Typist; Word Processor I, II, III; Desk Clerk, etc.
Accounting/Finance Accountants; Senior Accountants, Accounting Clerks I, II, III; Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Bookkeepers; Credit & Collections; Payroll, etc.
Engineering CAD Engineer; Civil Engineer; Construction Engineer; Electrical Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; Test Engineer; Engineering Technician I, II, III, IV, V, VI, etc.
Healthcare/Medical Certified Nursing Assistant I,II,II,IV; Nurses; LPNs, LVNs; CNAs; Respiratory Therapists and Technicians; Operating Room Technicians; Mental Health Technicians; Radiology Technologists; Cardio Vascular Technologists; Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants; Occupational Therapists and OT Assistants; Physical Therapists and PT Assistants; Speech Language Pathologists; Medical Technologists; Medical Lab Technicians; Histotechnologists; Cytotechnologists; Phlebotomists; EKG Technician; Medical Record Clerk; Medical Record Technician; Medical Transcriptionist; Dental Assistants; Medical Assistants; Medical Therapists and Technicians; Optical Technician; Phlebotomist, etc.
IT/Technical .NET programmer; Business Analyst; Computer Operator I, II, III, IV, V; Computer Programmer I, II, III, IV; Computer Systems Analyst I, II, III; Java Programmer; Peripheral Equipment Operator; Personal Computer Support Tech; etc.
Light Industrial/Manufacturing Assemblers; Cable and Harness; Forklift Operator; Inventory Clerks; Material Coordinator; Material Expeditor; Material Handling Laborer; Order Filler; Production Line Worker; QC and QA Inspectors; Shipping Packer; Shipping/Receiving Clerk; Stock Clerk; Store Worker I; Technicians; Testers; Tools and Parts Attendant; Wafer Fab Operator; Warehouse Specialist, etc.